Werner Berges zum Achtzigsten

03. December 2021 - 26. February 2022

Werner Berges would have turned 80 on December 7, 2021. We are taking his birthday as an opportunity to honor him and his work in this exhibition. The beginnings of his art go back to the sixties of the last century - a time of new beginnings, protests and a new art movement called Pop, which took its inspiration from the media. As a young student in West Berlin, Werner Berges joined the group “Großgörschen 35”. Women, “fashion dolls” and “star aunties” became the main motif of his art - and these were portrayed in an abstract way - such as flat, gridded or striped.

Höher, schneller, weiter (higher, faster, further)

01. October - 20. November 2021

Group exhibition with works by Günter Beier, Werner Berges, Michael Craig-Martin, Nikolaus Jungwirth, Julian Opie, Hein Spellmann, Charlotte Trossbach and Albrecht Wild.

Leonard Korbus: Point of View

3. - 26. September 2021

Finissage with the artist on Sunday, September 26th, 2021, 12 - 6 pm Mehr...

Petra Scheibe Teplitz: Out there

25. June - 29. August 2021

Frankfurt artist Petra Scheibe Teplitz worked from July 2020 till April 2021 on her new four part work of art with a total size of 110 x 440 cm that will be the center piece of this exhibition. Out of target paper she has created a universe with planets, solar systems and orbits. A product that is produced for shooting practice is transformed seemingly into a cartography for celestial bodies.

Katharina Gierlach and Konrad Winter: Two times painting

18. June - 29. August 2021

Focus on painting: We are presenting two new videos about Katharina Gierlach and Konrad Winter. Gierlach paints with oil on canvas, Winter with automotive paint on aluminium. They have in common that they both use photographs as models for their paintings. The video portraits contain footage from their studios and from the gallery and show the two artists at work. The films can be seen on the gallery's website as well as in the gallery. New works by both artists that relate to each other will be presented in the gallery. Two new catalogues will be published and presented at this exhibition. Both the videos and the catalogues are funded by Stiftung Kunstfonds and Neustart Kultur.

Hein Spellmann: Berliner Mischung

08. March - 05. June 2021

The gallery is open again as of May12th. Please contact us either by phone or e-mail for your individual appointment.

DavisKlemmGallery presents works by Berlin artist Hein Spellmann. Berliner Mischung (“Berlin blend”) is the title of the exhibition, which offers exactly that: a mixture of Berlin facades. The artist, however, does not present photos of street views, but sculptural photos of parts of individual buildings. These three-dimensional, pillow-like works of art can on the one hand clearly be assigned to architecture, on the other hand, packed in a new shape, they develop into a new life form.