Werner Berges: The Artist's Cut

30. November 2011 - 21. January 2012

Since the 1960's Werner Berges has been dealing in his work with women and the abstraction of the female figure. His use of various techniques and media over the decades give proof to his artistic ingeniousness. We are proud to present this show in honour of his 70th birthday.

Charlotte Trossbach: Belichtet

26. October - 26. November 2011

After having showed Charlote Trossbach's work in two group shows in our gallery, we are proud to present her first solo exhibition. The transformation of photographs into oil paintings is a central part of her work. Her paintings show an intensity that fascinates.

Thomas Baumgärtel: Metamorphosen

02. September - 07. October 2011

In 1986 Thomas Baumgärtel sprayed his first banana and started marking art institutions world-wide. Since then 170 metamorphoses of the curved yellow fruit have been created. They are a kind of pictorial diary of political, social and personal happenings - from the peace movement and Germany's reunification to soccer and Bert and Ernie. On September 3rd and 4th the gallery is open from 11 am till 6 pm for the kick-off of the gallery season in Frankfurt.


3. - 26. August 2011

With this group exhibition we are celebrating nine years DavisKlemmGallery and three years Liebigstrasse 17.

Schöner Wohnen

30. - 31. July 2011

Together with Galerie Erhard Witzel, Wiesbaden we will be exhibiting in QuadrART a group exhibition with works by Dirk Brömmel, Karin Hoerler, Christian Piffrader, Rolf Urban, Sheri Warshauer, Tobias Weber and Konrad Winter as well as works by Beate Sillescu and Barbara Storck-Brundrett. So, if you are spending time at or near Lake Constance this summer, stop by: Sebastianstr. 9, 6850 Dornbrin; www.quadrart-dornbirn.com. The exhibition runs till August 20th.

Monika Thiele: Fäden, Linien und Saiten

07. June - 02. July 2011

Monika Thiele's drawings are made solely of straight lines. This is naturally the case of her delicate embroidery pictures, but even when she draws she does not use any curved lines. Hong Song Chuls sculptural photographs display a rigid composition while at the same time inviting the viewer to interact with the sculpture and see it from various angles.

Dirk Brömmel: Unterwegs

07. May - 04. June 2011

The German and Korean photographers Dirk Brömmel and Hong Song Do have in common the multilayered aspect of their work. Brömmels photographes are collages, although this is not obvious at first sight.

Konrad Winter: Camouflaged Capitals

29. March - 20. August 2011

Tobias Weber: Urbane Versatzstücke

16. March - 16. April 2011

It is natural for the architect and artist Tobias Weber to make out the essentials of a building. Weber: "The abstract beauty of even the most bizarre buildings becomes more obvious without the presence of people as their occupants and builders." We will present new works by this young Swiss artist.

Mel Ramos - Retrospektive der Druckgrafik

20. January - 20. February 2011

Mel Ramos: Zeichnungen / drawings

19. January - 26. February 2011

Mel Ramos (born 1935) belongs to the first generation of American pop artists. The Albertina in Vienna will be showing a retrospective of his work February 18th - May 29th, 2011. His surreal combination of women and giant sized products, such as hamburgers and bottles of coke, brought him to the attention of the art world in the 1960's. Through the decades the constant of his art has been the female nude Mehr...