Konrad Winter

15. November - 21. December 2013

In this exhibition we present new works by Konrad Winter. His paintings oscillate between realism and abstraction. A catalogue will be published for this exhibition with a special edition of 20 unique paintings. Vernissage is on November 14th, 2013.

Peter Anton: sculpture

08. November - 21. December 2013

Peter Anton is known for his sculptures of chocolate boxes, donuts and ice cream. The dimensions and details of his works give proof to his commitment to food and sweets in particular. Vernissage is on November 7th, 2013

Werner Berges

13. September - 26. October 2013

In this exhibition we focus on collages by Werner Berges. Next to his paintings, drawings and sculptures this group of work has played an important role in his oeuvre since the 1960's. A catalogue will be published for this exhibition.

The fascination of colour

30. August - 19. October 2013

We are proud to welcome Galerie Renate Bender as our guest in Wiesbaden. Founded in 1987 in Munich, her gallery's program is dedicated to contemporary art with a focus on minimal, monochrome and abstract positions. Works by: Inge Dick, Bim Koehler, Matt McClune, Harald Pompl, Robert Sagerman, Bill Thompson, Jeremy Thomas, Jus Juchtmans and Peter Weber.

Dirk Brömmel: upside-down

28. June - 03. August 2013

In this exhibition we present works of the last decade from Dirk Brömmel's series "upside-down". In 2002 he made his first collages of ships on the river Rhine. Since then many more have followed: barges on the Grand Canal of China, cruise ships and "swimming markets" in Bangkok.


11. June - 13. July 2013

The common denominator in this exhibition is paper. It gets cut, glued, ripped, folded and perforated. The results range from representational to abstract. Works by: Marion Eichmann, Martina Golser, Oskar Holweck, Lee Ji-Hyun, Song Kwang-Ik, Uta B. Waeger and Peter Weber.

Thitz - Bag in München

11. May - 22. June 2013

In 1985 Thitz made his first works on bags. Conceived as help for carrying things, Thitz has since given bags a new function - as a conveyor of images.

Holger Schmidhuber - CONVOLUTUM

23. April - 08. June 2013

Wir zeigen in dieser Ausstellung einen Ausschnitt aus verschiedenen Werkreihen aus den Jahren 2006 bis 2013.

Neu im Viertel

14. March - 04. May 2013

The first exhibition in our new gallery in Munich. Works by: Peter Anton, Günter Beier, Werner Berges, Dirk Brömmel, Katharina Dietlinger, Ilse Haider, Camill Leberer, Birgit Luxenburger, Julian Opie, Werner Pokorny and Konrad Winter.

Frisch eingetroffen

03. February - 13. April 2013

In dieser Ausstellung zeigen wir Arbeiten, die frisch in der Galerie eingetroffen sind.