Betreten der Baustelle erlaubt

1. - 14. December 2012

This is our first exhibition in our new gallery space in Munich, Gabelsbergerstraße 11. Because we are still "under construction" our regular opening hours are not yet applicable. The exhibition is open December 5th - 7th and 12th - 14th, 2012 from 2:00 - 6:00 pm.

Ottmar Hörl: Zaunkönig

07. November - 22. December 2012

The wren is a small bird known in German as "King of the fence". Ottmar Hörl's new two-part sculpture dedicated to this small family of birds refers to this ambivalent title. This exhibition will be the first presentation of Hörl's newest sculpture. Reception and talk with Ottmar Hörl on November 10th, 2012 from 3-5 pm.

Günter Beier: Die Dinge durcheinander

29. August - 20. October 2012

Günter Beier paints objects that he finds, such as sweets from a supermarket or bird nests in nature. These "everyday objects" he depicts in his paintings, in which he creates order and focuses on colour, shapes and structures.


8. - 25. August 2012

With this short exhibition after our summer break we dive into swimming as a topic in art with works among others by Werner Berges, Lisa Klein, Barbara Storck-Brundrett and Konrad Winter.

Katharina Dietlinger: panem et circenses

30. May - 07. July 2012

We presented Katharina Dietlinger's work for the first time in Frankfurt in a group show in 2010. We are proud to now present a solo exhibition of her work.

Steve Johnson / Peter Weber: Off the Wall

28. March - 26. May 2012

Felt and earth play the main roles in this exhibition. Although coming from different conceptual approaches (Peter Weber's being geometrical and abstract, Steve Johnson's philosophical and representational), both make artwork that invades space and commands attention.

Wonder women

25. January - 17. March 2012

In this group exhibition we present works by five female artists. The media used is diverse - such as paper (Marion Eichmann) and silicone (Anke Eilergerhard); the topics range from reality (Sheri Warshauer) to illusion (Barbara Storck-Brundrett) and to the character of things (Uta Weber).