No Peanuts - Künstler zur Finanzkrise

05. December 2008 - 24. January 2009

We asked our artists to comment on the financial crisis. Their artistic positions can be seen in our studio in Frankfurt, Fahrgasse 9.

C6H12O6: Peter Anton, Günter Beier, Uta Weber

26. November 2008 - 24. January 2009

C6H12O6 is the chemical formula for sugar. Three of our artists are inspired by sweets for their artwork, but for different reasons and with different results.

Janos Schaab - Michael Kmoth

24. October - 25. November 2008

In our studio in Frankfurtgasse 9, we show works by Janos Schaab and Michael Kmoth. Both artists deal in different ways with the theme of "reduction". While the roots of Janos Schaab can be found in Pop Art, Michael Kmoth's roots are in Op Art.

Choreographie und Typographie - Susanna Storch / Koh San Keum

22. October - 22. November 2008

In this exhibtion we show portraits of the ballet company "ballettmainz" by Susanna Storch and works by the Korean artist Ko San Keum. An exhibition catalog is available.

Künstler der Galerie - u.a. Thomas Baumgärtel, Wolfgang Volz, Fritz Köthe, Thomas Stimm.

1. - 22. October 2008

In our second exhibition in our new gallery space we present a selection of works by our gallery artists, including Thomas Baumgartel, Wolfgang Volz, Fritz Köthe and Thomas Stimm.

Asien aktuell

17. August - 10. October 2008

Asienaktuell: Kunst aus China, Japan und Korea -Gemeinschaftsausstellung

16. August - 30. September 2008

Werner Berges: Jede Menge Leute -Die DavisKlemmGallery eröffnet am 8. August 2008 ihre neuen Galerieräume in Frankfurt

08. August - 27. September 2008

DavisKlemmGallery opened on August 8th, 2008 its new gallery space in Frankfurt. The first exhibition, titled "A lot of people" is with paintings and sculptures by Werner Berges. An exhibition catalogue is available .

Julian Opie meets Janos Schaab, Studio DavisKlemmGallery

25. April - 13. June 2008

Reduction is the theme of Janos Schaab and Julian Opie. We present works in dialogue by the two artist in our studio in Frankfurt, Fahrgasse 9. The opening will take place on April 25th, 2008 from 6 - 9 pm.

Uta Weber: MULTICOLOR Objekte und Zeichnungen

24. April - 31. May 2008

In this exhibition we show a cross section of Uta Weber's drawings. We also present her latest floor and wall sculptures Smarties M - XL.

Mady Braun: Annoncen

21. February - 29. March 2008

"Sweet Bunnies are looking for a loving home." This and other painted classifieds are shown in our exhibition, Mady Brown: ads. The artist is present at the opening reception on February 21st.