FRANKFURTKUNSTMITTE -Janos Schaab / Peter Anton

04. December 2009 - 13. January 2010

The big apple in Frankfurt: Janos Schaab presents icons of architecture - specifically, New York museums. Peter Anton's sculptures of chocolates, fruit and ice cream fascinate by their hyper-realism and their opulent dimensions.

Kunstwochenende im Franfurter Westend - Günter Beier, Christian Piffrader, Peter Anton, Werner Berges, Ottmar Hörl, Lee Ji-Hyun, Barbara Storck-Brundrett.

28. - 29. November 2009

We cordially invite you to visit our gallery on the first weekend of Advent. You can see the current exhibition "Holz & Hütte" with works by Günter Beier and Christian Piffrader, as well as works by other artists of the gallery, such as Peter Anton, Werner Berges, Ottmar Horl, Lee Ji-Hyun and Barbara Storck Brundrett.

Camouflaged Paintings -Konrad Winter im Kunstverein Emsdetten

15. November - 15. December 2009

Konrad Winter has a solo exhibition at Kunstverein Emsdetten. It starts on November 15th and lasts until December 13th, 2009. An exhibition catalog is available.

Günter Beier / Christian Piffrader: Holz und Hütte

04. November 2009 - 16. January 2010

In this double exhibition we present works by Günter Beier and Christian Piffrader. Günter Beier will be represented with paintings of found birds' nests. The South Tyrolean Christian Piffrader will display for the first time in Frankfurt his wooden sculptures of houses and street scenes. Both artists share a strong prower of observation with much attention given to details.

Sheri Warshauer: My home is my castle

02. September - 24. October 2009

This is Sheri Warshauer's first solo exhibition in Europe. The artist from New York, who is represented in the U.S. by established galleries, paints acrylic-on-canvas versions of architectural magazines, portraying not only the houses themselves, but also the people who live in them.

Julian Opie: This is Shahnoza

01. July - 29. August 2009

In our summer exhibition we present the three-part editions of Julian Opie.

Junge Talente: Julia Laupus, Charlotte Trossbach, Franz Schmidt

3. - 27. June 2009

We present in this exhibition three young talents: Julia Laupus and Franz Schmidt from the Art Academy Münster and Charlotte Trossbach from the Alanus College of Art and Society, Alfter.

Wolfgang Volz: The Eye of Christo & Jeanne-Claude

29. April - 30. May 2009

Wolfgang Volz has been accompanying the projects of Christo and Jeanne-Claude for decades. We show original photographs in small edition sizes and large sizes. All works are signed by all three artists.

Ottmar Hörl: Plastiken - Projekte und Installationen

18. March - 25. April 2009

We present in this exhibition famous heads - Beuys and Warhol - as well as Ottmar Hörl's shreddings of art catalogues.

Janos Schaab: Ikonen

30. January - 14. May 2009

At the first FRANKFURTKUNSTMITTE of the new year on January 30th, 2009 we present new works by Janos Schaab.

Tobias Weber: Habitat

28. January - 14. March 2009

Tobias Weber's paintings look like architectural studies of habitats - familiar yet somehow strange. An exhibition catalog is available.