Quite useful

2. - 20. December 2014

In this group exhibition we present artworks that all have to do with useful items - whether "objects of our time" by Michael Craig-Martin, brooms by Ottmar Hörl, rubber bands by Günter Beier, coasters by Albrecht Wild or clothes-pins by Ilse Haider.

Peter Anton, Günter Beier

07. November - 19. December 2014

Peter Anton's larger than life sculptures of sweets fascinate through their hyperrealism - including grease spots in donut boxes. Günter Beier paints supermarket products. Taken out of their bags, the sweets present a microcosm of colors, shapes and surfaces.

Werner Berges: striped

14. October - 22. November 2014

Since the 1960's Werner Berges has been exploring ways to portrait women. Graphic elements have always played a major role in his work. In this exhibition we present new striped paintings, in which he uses new and familiar motifs from the past.

Steve Johnson, Birgit Luxenburger, Uwe Rachow

12. September - 18. October 2014

Our first exhibition of the new art season in Munich is a three-artist-show: Steve Johnson (London), Birgit Luxenburger (Mainz) and Uwe Rachow (Düsseldorf). Works by all three artists will be presented that have to do with spacial perception.

Herbert Mehler

09. September - 04. October 2014

We are showing sculptures and works on paper by Herbert Mehler in Wiesbaden. His corten steel sculptures are easily recognizable though their segmented construction inspired by nature.

Ilse Haider: nackt - naked

26. June - 26. July 2014

Ilse Haider studied at the Academy in Vienna (Prof. Arnulf Rainer) and at the Royal College of Art in London (Eduardo Paolozzi). Her work is diverse: from objects, photographs and painting to videos.

Simon Hemmer: Kegeln auf Pappe

21. June - 12. July 2014

On the occasion of Albert Oehlen's exhibition at Museum Wiesbaden, five galleries in Wiesbaden will be showing former master-class students from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. We will be presenting paintings by Simon Hemmer.

exhibition break

29. May - 24. June 2014

The gallery will be closed May 29th thru June 23rd, 2014. Our next opening is on June 25th, 2014: Ilse Haider.

Camill Leberer

9. - 28. May 2014

" I would never call myself purely a photographer, painter or sculptor. It is exactly this blur, this "sitting between chairs" that interests me. It is the core of my work." Catalogue presentation is on May 22, 2014, Night Art.

Julian Opie

29. April - 28. May 2014

Julian Opie is one of the most important British contemporary artists . In this exhibition we will show a selection of editions from the past years that all have to do with Julian Opie's artistic approach of visualizing motion.

Taguchi Fine Art,Tokyo, in Wiesbaden

23. March - 12. April 2014

We take great pleasure in welcoming our colleague Tatsuya Taguchi from Tokyo with an exhibition of his artists in Wiesbaden. Works by: Magdalena Abakanowicz, Chen Ruo Bing, Yoshinobu Nakagawa, Morio Nishimura, Kim Taek Sang, Kenji Shibata, Michael Toenges and Kazumi Yoshimine . Galeries and museums in Wiesbaden will be open on April 5th from 7-9 pm.

Liu Guangyun: Surface

07. March - 17. April 2014

As a Chinese artist living at least partially in Europe, Liu Guangyun addresses Western beauty ideals with Chinese traditions.

Katharina Dietlinger: Wald und Wiese

28. January - 08. March 2014

Our first exhibition in 2014 will be new works by Katharina Dietlinger.


17. January - 28. February 2014

Wir präsentieren Werke von drei Künstlerinnen, die auf unterschiedliche Weise mit Papier umgehen. Marion Eichmann verarbeitet detailreiche Zeichnungen zu Collagen, Martina Golsers filigrane Arbeiten muten wie botanische Studien an, und Uta Belina Waegers Objekte erinnern an Reliquien.