Hein Spellmann: Berliner Mischung
08. March - 05. June 2021

Hein Spellmann
TU 1, 2014
silicone, acrylic, CLC print, foam, wood
9,8 × 22,6 × 3,5 inches
(25 × 57,5 × 9 cm)

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Hein Spellmann - TU 1, 2014, silicone, acrylic, CLC print, foam, wood

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Hein Spellmann: Berliner Mischung

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DavisKlemmGallery presents works by Berlin artist Hein Spellmann. Berliner Mischung (“Berlin blend”) is the title of the exhibition, which offers exactly that: a mixture of Berlin facades. The artist, however, does not present photos of street views, but sculptural photos of parts of individual buildings. These three-dimensional, pillow-like works of art can on the one hand clearly be assigned to architecture, on the other hand, packed in a new shape, they develop into a new life form.

Spellmann’s artworks concentrate on the individual details in rows of windows and architectural elements of modern facades: a tilted window, the glimpse of a curtain or a peek into the interior break up the neutrality of photography and architecture. Aside from living machines, design objects and cool photo views, Spellmann plays with motifs and technology. His soft pillow-like artworks present the sections of the building as they appear to the people behind them: as part of the life of the person living there – including their individual personalities.

Spellmann plays with opposites and thus creates tension. He contrasts repetitive facade structures with individual details. The minimalist form of his works is set off by the photography, while at the same time the pillow shape counterbalances the neutral photos in the manner of the great photographer couple Bernd and Hilla Becher. He contrasts the static nature of the building complex with the mobility of his details. Their size stands in playful and tangible contrast to the massive, distant architecture. The structure and the ornamentation of the facades contrast with the smooth, clean surface of the objects.

Hein Spellmann (born 1962 in Bassum, Lower Saxony) lives and works in Berlin. He is a graduate of the Braunschweig Art Academy, received a scholarship from the Berlin Cultural Fund Foundation and received the Magdeburg Art Prize from the Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg. Since 1996 he has been represented regularly in individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad.