Leonard Korbus: In the field
14. April - 15. June 2024

Leonard Korbus
Der Bauhof in Berngau, 2023
5,9 × 5,9 inches
(15 × 15 cm)

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Leonard Korbus - Der Bauhof in Berngau, 2023,

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Leonard Korbus: In the field

Leonard Korbus' drawings and paintings show perspectives of landscapes and gardens. However, these often dissolve into reduced individual parts so that they are only rudimentarily recognizable. Sharp outlines overlap each other or stand next to each other without their spatial relationship being defined. As in a memory, the individual perceptions and objects are superimposed, obscured and overlapped. They are lost in time and space and at the same time have a clear structure and no structure at all. Leonard Korbus' gardens are concrete and blurred at the same time. A memory of a moment, a view, an impression of light that perhaps never existed. Nevertheless, the memory remains strangely concrete. It always comes back to life when the light falls through the trees in a similar way, when the wind bends the branches in a certain way, when the proportions of the garden structure achieve the same effect. Korbus examines in his works these principles, according to which we perceive landscape, nature, gardens or any environment.