Luxembourg Art Week

8. - 10. November 2019

Julian Opie, Konrad Winter

KIAF Art Seoul 2019

25. - 29. September 2019

Michael Craig-Martin, Marion Eichmann, Katharina Gierlach, Julian Opie, Thitz, Konrad Winter

Join us at the COEX Exhibition Center in the Gangnam District of Seoul for the Korea International Art Fair, September 26th - 26th, 2019.

Positions Berlin Art Fair

12. - 15. September 2019

Julian Opie, Petra Scheibe Teplitz, Konrad Winter

We are taking part in this art fair at the historic airport Templehof for the second time and will present works by Julian Opie, Petra Scheibe Teplitz and Konrad Winter. From September 12th - 15th the sixth edition of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair will take place as part of the Berlin Art Week. Visit us in Hangar 4 at the Berlin-Tempelhof airport.

Paper Positions Frankfurt

6. - 08. September 2019

Julian Opie, Petra Scheibe Teplitz, Albrecht Wild

Paper Positions Basel

13. - 16. June 2019

Peter Anton, Werner Berges, Marion Eichmann

We are exhibiting works by Peter Anton, Werner Berges and Marion Eichmann at the art fair Paper Positions Basel. The fair is centrally located at Ackermannshof, St. Johanns-Vorstadt 19-21.

Paper Positions Berlin

25. - 28. April 2019

Julian Opie, Petra Scheibe Teplitz, Konrad Winter

We're back in Berlin at this art fair for the third time. Visit us at Paper Positions Berlin in the historical building of Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office, Französische Straße 33 a-c, 10117 Berlin.

About the location: The Representative Office is the oldest and largest building from the beginnings of telecommunication. The glass roof construction in the Lichthof ("courtyard of light") gave light to over 300 telegraph operators at the end of the 19th century - and still provides natural lighting.

Art Karlsruhe

21. - 24. February 2019

Peter Anton, Bean Finneran, Katharina Gierlach, Julian Opie, Charlotte Trossbach, Konrad Winter

Halle 2, Stand B05 One artist shows: Peter Anton, Bean Finneran and Konrad Winter.