Werner Berges zum Achtzigsten
03. December 2021 - 26. February 2022

Werner Berges
Point of view II, 2016
31,5 × 23,6 inches
(80 × 60 cm)

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Werner Berges - Point of view II, 2016,

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Werner Berges zum Achtzigsten

Werner Berges would have turned 80 on December 7, 2021. We are taking his birthday as an opportunity to honor him and his work in this exhibition. The beginnings of his art go back to the sixties of the last century - a time of new beginnings, protests and a new art movement called Pop, which took its inspiration from the media. As a young student in West Berlin, Werner Berges joined the group “Großgörschen 35”. Women, “fashion dolls” and “star aunties” became the main motif of his art - and these were portrayed in an abstract way - such as flat, gridded or striped.

The sixties and seventies were also the heyday of edition art. “Art for everyone” was the motto. If one couldn't pay for a unique piece of artwork, then at least a signed, limited edition print should be affordable. Werner Berges, who studied commercial graphics in Bremen before studying art in Berlin, found screen printing to be the ideal technique for his motifs.

We, as editors, are pleased to present the new catalog raisonné of prints and edition art as part of the exhibition “Werner Berges zum Achtzigsten”. It covers the years 1961 to 2021 and shows the broad spectrum of his work. Two special editions, stamped and signed by the estate, will be published, both produced by a manual screen printer in Berlin - the city in which his artistic career began.

In the exhibition in the DavisKlemmGallery, both unique and limited edition art will be presented.