Petra Scheibe Teplitz: Torffrei
26. August - 29. September 2018

Petra Scheibe Teplitz
Tempo, 2008
wood, acrylic paint, insulating and packaging film
31,5 × 31,5 × 2 inches
(80 × 80 × 5 cm)

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Petra Scheibe Teplitz - Tempo, 2008, wood, acrylic paint, insulating and packaging film

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Petra Scheibe Teplitz: Torffrei

Opening reception on August 26th, 3:00 - 5:30 pm. An introduction will be given by Dr. Anett Göthe, art historian.

Cutting, deconstruction and construction are common characteristics of both Petra Scheibe Teplitz’ and Albrecht Wild’s art. Scheibe Teplitz uses materials that generally don’t attract much attention and are regarded as disposable products. “Torffrei” (peat-free) is the title of her exhibition presented on the upper floor of the gallery. The title refers to one of her latest bodies of work that she makes out of plastic shopping bags or plastic packaging. With much accuracy and precision she cuts the bags into thin strips that she afterwards glues to a wood body in a grid system. The stringent geometry of her works runs contrary to the wording and the pictorial information given on the (former) shopping bags. For her “Tempo” pieces Petra Scheibe Teplitz uses the packaging of this famous product. She makes long strips out of the cellophane packaging, which she then weaves together. The result is a blue and white geometric pattern of lines with the repetitive request to hurry (“tempo, tempo!”).

Her collages out of target paper look like pictures out of a kaleidoscope or like test patterns from the early days of television. References to constructivism and Op art are apparent. Rigorous geometry meets playful experimentation. En passant the artist destroys the objective of the target and changes it into an optical flickering with a hypnotic effect.

The use of trivial materials and mass consumer products is reminiscent of Pop art (e.g. Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans); at the same time Petra Scheibe Teplitz adds new aspects. Her objective is not the image of a product, but its abstraction.