Katharina Gierlach and Konrad Winter: Two times painting
18. June - 29. August 2021

Katharina Gierlach
Wassermannsee 9, 2021
Oil on canvas
11,8 × 7,9 inches
(30 × 20 cm)

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Katharina Gierlach - Wassermannsee 9, 2021, Oil on canvas

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Katharina Gierlach and Konrad Winter: Two times painting

Focus on painting: We are presenting two new videos about Katharina Gierlach and Konrad Winter. Gierlach paints with oil on canvas, Winter with automotive paint on aluminium. They have in common that they both use photographs as models for their paintings. The video portraits contain footage from their studios and from the gallery and show the two artists at work. The films can be seen on the gallery's website as well as in the gallery. New works by both artists that relate to each other will be presented in the gallery. Two new catalogues will be published and presented at this exhibition. Both the videos and the catalogues are funded by Stiftung Kunstfonds and Neustart Kultur.