Julian Opie
19. December 2018 - 09. February 2019

Julian Opie
Modern Towers 2 (A-E), 2017
silkscreen on spray-painted wooden blocks
set of five towers - various dimensions

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Julian Opie - Modern Towers 2 (A-E), 2017, silkscreen on spray-painted wooden blocks

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Julian Opie

Opening on December 16th, 2019.

"Modern Towers" - the title of one of Julian Opie's latest sculpture editions is as unpretentious as children's building blocks. Simple rectangular prisms in various heights are grouped together to symbolize a modern metropolitan city. So far, so simple. However, whereas children's building blocks often come in primary colours, Opie's wood blocks have silk-screened surfaces, pretending to be glass-and-steel architecture with their facades mirroring other glass-and-steel buildings around them. Opie's towers are playfull and ingenious and another example of this artist's capability to see the world around us in a different way.

This exhibition brings together recent bodies of work in different techniques by Julian Opie, one of the most successfull contemporary British artists whose visual language is recognized world-wide. Presently the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia is showing a retrospective of his work.