Konrad Winter: Stille Wasser
25. June - 03. September 2023

Konrad Winter
Nachtregen, 2023
car lacquer on aluminum
49,2 × 46,1 inches
(125 × 117 cm)

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Konrad Winter - Nachtregen, 2023, car lacquer on aluminum

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Konrad Winter: Stille Wasser

The Zündholz.Werkstätten, DavisKlemmGallery and Bacchus Speicher invite you to AUSFLUG 01 on two Sundays - on 27 August and 3 September, each from 3 to 6 pm. Three places as excursion destinations in one afternoon and with poetry by Gisela Winterling.

➡️In the Zündholz.Werkstätten: jewellery by Elke Wolf and ceramics by Dorothee Wenz.

➡️At DavisKlemmGallery: Exhibition "Still Waters" with paintings by Konrad Winter.

➡️At the winery Bacchus Speicher: Video art by students in the media class of the Mainz Art Academy, led by Dieter Kiessling. Kora Rieken, Oskar Kreckwitz, Lars Daigger and Liza Stipic present works under the title "dass die Kaninchen scheu schauten aus dem Bau."

His series of "camouflaged landscapes" has accompanied Konrad Winter for 20 years. Seen up close, the works consist of individual areas of color that look like a camouflage pattern. From a distance, his works with their iridescent colors appear impressionistic and reveal their motifs.

We celebrate the artist's 60th birthday with this solo exhibition. New works will be presented.