Charlotte Trossbach: Liquid
10. March - 13. April 2019

Charlotte Trossbach
228 magenta, 2018
Oil on canvas
39,4 × 39,4 inches
(100 × 100 cm)

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Charlotte Trossbach - 228 magenta, 2018, Oil on canvas

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Charlotte Trossbach: Liquid

Opening reception on March 10th, 2019.

For photorealists the search for images is on the one hand a constant, on the other a means to an end. The real challenge takes place on canvas with oil paint and brushes. The goal is to reveal light reflexes, surfaces, depth and structure. An egg in a pan with a bright yellow egg yolk and an egg-white not yet solidified is an open invitation to examen its glibbery surface.

New works from 2018 and 2019 are shown in this exhibition dedicted to things liquid in various states of aggregation. Whether whipped cream, chocolate ice cream, nail polish or rain drops on a window - shiny surfaces and light refractions are in the foreground.