Albrecht Wild: Formsache
26. August - 29. September 2018

Albrecht Wild
Ukiyo-e VII (Hokusai 2), 2014
cardboard collage (workgroup beermats)
12,6 × 12,6 inches
(32 × 32 cm)

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Albrecht Wild - Ukiyo-e VII (Hokusai 2), 2014, cardboard collage (workgroup beermats)

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Albrecht Wild: Formsache

Opening reception on August 26th, 3:00 - 5:30 pm. An introduction will be given by Dr. Anett Göthe, art historian.

„Formsache“ (matter of form) is the title of Albrecht Wild’s exhibition, in which – as the title tells – form is what matters: new forms that are created when a circle or a rectangle is cut into several pieces and put back together again in a new way. In this exhibition both paintings and collages are presented as well as a 3x5 meter wall installation of his iconic “beer mat” group of works. Wild’s „beer mat“ works are an important group within his oeuvre. The artist revokes their actual purpose (advertising for a brand, moisture absorbent/table top protector and something on which to keep tally the number of drinks ordered). Wild refers to coasters as his pigments with which he works, i.e. “paints”. In the process of cutting and putting the pieces back together to create a new composition, he takes into account the typography, shape and design of each coaster. His “ukiyo-e” collages also belong to this group of works. These he creates using coasters that are printed with traditional ukiyo-e motifs, the claasic Japanese woodblock prints made between the 17th and 19th centuries.

In the exhibition Wild’s “shaped canvases” (not rectangular) are also presented. The intention is to unify the form of the canvas with the painted content. The connection between his collages made with coasters and his canvases are easily identified. Instead of the classic four-cornered rectangular the artist prefers a form similar to a four-leaf clover, the contours of which he outlines while painting.