Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg
cycle "As black as it gets", 2022
Oil on canvas
39,4 × 70,9 × 1,8 inches
(100 × 180 × 4,5 cm)
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Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg

The materials are classic: canvas, oil paint. The artist exploits the strengths of the material: the intensity and the clarity of the color as well as the possibility of playing with it. Beneath the upper, defining layer of color, a second shines forth. The meandering edges of the shapes appear to glow, revealing the translucent colors of the lower layers. The structure of the surface reveals that Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg does not work with small, delicate brushes, but rather works extensively and sometimes uses a spatula. This exuberant use of color is what drives the energy of her work.

Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg was born in 1959 in Uppsala, Sweden. She studied at Uppsala University. After moving to Germany, she took art courses with Professor Clemens Etz in Ulm and with Professor Jerry Zeniuk at the Munich Art Academy in Munich. The German-American painter Zeniuk is a representative of color field painting, which is also reflected in the style of Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg. She lives and works in Munich, Germany, and also has a studio in Sweden. She is represented by galleries in Germany and Switzerland and regularly exhibits internationally.

Project #11: Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg
Time-lapse video of Project #11 by Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg in the Hochheim project space of the DavisKlemmGallery.
Dauer: 0:53


born in Uppsala, Sweden

1978 - 1982
Studies at Uppsala University

1990 - 1998
Artists' Guild Ulm and lecturer Clemens Etz

2004 - 2008
Academy of Fine Arts Munich, with Prof. Jerry Zeniuk


Encuentro II, Doppelausstellung mit Fatima Conesa, Galerie Ulf Larsson, Köln.
Projekt #11 Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg, Projektraum der DavisKlemmGallery, Hochheim.

Encuentro, Doppelausstellung mit Fatima Conesa, Galerie Ulf Larsson, Madrid, ES.

Färg IV, Maria Wallenstål-Schoenebrg, Galerie Ulf Larsson, Köln.

About color, Galerie Ulf Larsson, Köln.
MaterialMalerei-FarbMalerei, Doppelausstellung mit Werken von Jürgen Paas, Neue Galerie Landshut e.V., Landshut.

Farbfindungen, Kunstraum Detmold, Detmold.

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